Country Club of Culiacan

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Every project that is recognized as great has its history, and the Country Club of Culiacán is no exception, and to talk about it we must go back to 1955, the year in which the first efforts are made by Emilio Senac and Oscar Felix to gather friends who would like to play golf.

The first group meets to practice this sport in a makeshift camp located in the colonia Chapultepec.

The first group meets for the practice of this sport in an improvised field located in the colony Chapultepec.

The following year, the growing number of players made the facilities inadequate and “Lomas de Culiacan Golf Club” was founded, on land donated by Don Ricardo Aguilar Figueroa.
In the mid-1960s, and due to the real demand from golf players, as well as the fact that the mound lands became insufficient, the idea was to build a golf course that could satisfy all the needs of those who were passionate about this sport.
The dreams of the pioneers crystallized on January 20, 1966, date in which the Country Club of Culiacan S.A. of C.V. was opened, in the lands where it is currently located.

The dreams of the pioneers crystallized on January 20, 1966, date in which the Country Club of Culiacan S.A. of C.V. was opened, in the lands where it is currently located.

The accomplishment of this project is thanks to the ability, will and effort of people such as: Adolfo Clouthier, Mario Tamayo, Alfonso Zaragoza, Miguel Angel Suarez, Arnoldo Murillo, Luis Flores Sarmiento, Adolfo Esquer, Jaime Peña Batiz, Alvaro Acosta, Hector Buelna Aviles, Víctor Manuel Corella, Gilberto Maytorena, Jose Félix Ceceña, Benjamín J. López, Emilio Senac, Rafael Yhip Palacios, Óscar Lelevier Bátiz and Jorge Chávez Castro.
The golf course “The Iguanas” is a beautiful 18-hole course, with Putting Green and a practice tee, and other services such as carts and golf equipment, carts in the field, as well as a golf sports shop, where you can find everything you need for your personal golf equipment, with a schedule of: 6:00 AM At 8:00 PM
In the Country Club tennis area there are several courts: 2 clay courts, a stadium court, 6 laykold courts and a tennis shop where you can purchase any accessories to practice tennis. The courts have the conditions and pleasant climate to practice this type of sport with a schedule of: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
“The Iguanario” is an ecological place where there are different types of animals, mainly iguanas, since in Country Club they are of vital importance to the sports club because it is the symbol that identifies it in the golf course “The Iguanas”. For the conservation of this species, “Iguanario” has a schedule: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

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Country Club of Culiacan
Country Club of Culiacan
Country Club of Culiacan
Country Club of Culiacan

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How this Virtual Tour was made

The equipment used to make this virtual tour is the following:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter
  • Phantom 3 4K Camera
  • 3 - Axis Gimbal
  • Nikon D800 Camera
  • Sigma 8 mm fisheye lens
  • Nodal Ninja Ball Joint NN4
  • Manfrotto Tripod 190
  • Remote trigger

The processing software of this image was:

  • Lightroom to process RAW files
  • PTGui to perform the stitching of the image
  • Photoshop for general and local adjustments
  • PanoTour Pro for the virtual tour generation
One Sunday morning, after a day of intense rain, I was at the golf course of the Country Club of Culiacan, taking 360 spherical photos to elaborate this virtual tour. I really liked the colors of the landscape, all the trees and plants were still wet and a pleasant aroma was all over the place. Luckily it was not raining and I was able to fly with the Phantom 3 drone. Perhaps the biggest problem you have to face when shooting with this type of drones is that the lens diaphragm is fixed at f / 2.8 and you cannot make images as with a DSLR camera.

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