Topolobampo. the place where the rainbow ends. Place where the magic of the elements are [...]
The Culiacan International Marathon, which this year attracted about 3 thousand 500 national and [...]
Museo Interactivo sobre las Adicciones (MIA, “Museum of Addictions”) is an alternative that [...]
Teeming with Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Sailfish, the waters of Mazatlan coast are called the [...]
El Dorado is a town located at the center of Culiacan, exactly at San Lorenzo Valley. It connects [...]
Plaza Machado is one of the most ancient in Mazatlán; historical records show it was built, in [...]
Universidad de Occidente is the second institute with the largest educational coverage at [...]
December 16 was a festive day in Mazatlan, on this day, the arrival of the ships: Crown Princess, [...]
Imala is a rural community located at a Town that bears the same name, which belongs to Culiacan. [...]
The tower was completed until 2013, and it has become an icon in the city thanks to its superior [...]
Located in the city center, at the crossroads of Angel Flores and Donato Guerra, the Parroquia [...]