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Miguel Angel Victoria Fotógrafo

I am much honored to have been chosen to share some of the stories of which I have witnessed. Although I am a bit young in the Campus, I know that many generations dreamed with me… Many of them are former students today, but even though I did not have the opportunity to hang out with them, a showcase full of trophies that make me remember their student life belongs to me. Most of the activities of the Direction of Student Matters were held in the halls, gardens or even on the stairs of the buildings of high school and university.

In that time, the chords trying to harmonize for the first song festivals could be heard, tuned voices joined with some choreography in the rehearsals of musical theater, easels and canvas were filled with colors. Student groups were emerging on Campus and athletes left mark on the tennis courts. Eventually, they gave the news and finally the dream of having a Student Center would become a beautiful reality. I still remember the month of May 2003, the doors for me opened for the first time and I received with great joy all those young enthusiasts who were filling my emptiness with their talent, their charisma and their passion for art, sports, and leadership.

In that time, the chords trying to harmonize for the first song festivals could be heard.

As time passed, they realized how important and necessary I was in their lives, for my spaces had to be modified so all the visitors could feel accomplished in each of their activities. When I observe what happens in every lounge or lobby, it fills me with satisfaction to see them strengthened as human beings, and that they have learned to develop skills and competencies for life. I have turned into a home for many of them, here they share happy moments and sadness, celebrated victories and learnt from their defeats, some of them found the love of their life or developed endearing friendships, others discover their vocation for art and nowadays they are professional artists.
Undoubtedly, every space has special memories, my walls and mirrors have been a witness of the million hours of rehearsals, in the dancing room, of the emotions that are generated in the auditions and how each of the ballet dancers demonstrate their positive attitude before any challenge to be faced. Different rhythms have been heard in the music room, its notes and chords harmonize perfectly making it that every person who enters forgets their problems and it find themselves. The colors become present in the lounge of painting, where creativity has no limits to be reinvented repeatedly. The voices that are heard in the singing lounge have pleasantly surprised me, they blend with theatrical exercises and intense monologs with emotions and feelings. With the pride of our roots I enjoy listening to the musical notes of The Sinaloense or The sauce and La palma with the young people who tap dance and showoff their elegant wardrobes of folkloric dance.

But not everything is an art in my life, athletes also visit me and it is here where they train to improve their performance in the courts.

But not everything is an art in my life, athletes also visit me and it is here where they train to improve their performance in the courts. Here they discover that the best competition is with themselves, that teamwork strengthens them and that humility makes them be bigger.
Did you know that many of the congresses and camps of leadership have been planned here? I have the opportunity to listen to thousands of ideas of the leaders of campus, young enthusiasts who in addition to being entrepreneurs take the human sense as banner and join diverse causes to support and to give help those who need it. Young people who decided to transform lives, starting from their own, and to leave a trace with their activities and experiences. I have a luxurious wall, which it has been named: The queens’ gallery. It is a space where talented women remain forever through a portrait, but the most important thing is that they have transcended through their actions for the sake of society.

Here I am today, as always… enjoying student life that comes with each of the students and alumni of Campus Sinaloa.

Here I am today, as always… enjoying student life that comes with each of the students and alumni of Campus Sinaloa. Many of them say that I am everything in their life because I transformed them, although really, they are the one who give me life and without them, my work and the work of coordinators of the different areas of student affairs would not be possible. You all are welcome to this 360 gallery in where you can enjoy my inside and see through every look, gesture and action of the students, everything that each day makes me vibrate. I am the Student Center of the Tec de Monterrey.

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ITESM Campus Sinaloa
ITESM Campus Sinaloa

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How this Virtual Tour was made

The equipment used to perform virtual tour are the following:

  • Nikon D810 DSLR Camera
  • Lens Sigma 8 mm Fisheye
  • Nodal Ninja NN4 Tripod Head
  • Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Remote Switch

The software processing of the image was

  • Lightroom to process RAW files
  • PTGui for stitching images
  • Photoshop general and local settings
  • PanoTour Pro for generating virtual tour
The spherical photography of The Student Center of the Technological Institute and de Superior Studies of Monterrey, Campus Sinaloa, allowed me to use the tool of the program PTGui stitching, replacing files and get to incorporate two images with different exposure.
In some areas where the windows lighting was very intense (it was four o’clock in the afternoon in midsummer) contrast significantly with the interior, I did the first revealed with images of the interior with the correct exposure and then replace the burned image with a two steps photo underexposed…… perfect results.

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