Culiacan is the first village of the Mexican Northwest, the capital of the State of Sinaloa. It [...]
Cultura Center UAS (CASA DE CULTURA UAS) - FLAUTAS AND CARACOL Today is the 37th University [...]
In the city of Culiacan, in the antique plaza of weapons, is located the cathedral of Our Lady of [...]
In 2003, the foundation stone for the construction of The Good Shepherd Spirituality Center in [...]
The Mexican Flag, as a national symbol, dates from the time of the Independence War. In ancient [...]
The Banorte Stadium is a soccer stadium of the team Dorados of Sinaloa located in the city of [...]
On the emblematic Rosales street between the avenues Jose Maria Morelos and Domingo Ruby marked [...]
October 23, 2016, our beloved and emblematic "Malecón de Culiacán", dressed in pink ... today [...]
It took approximately 20 months to construct the Administrative Unit, which jointly with the [...]
A beautiful park located inside the island of Oraba which is surrounded by the union of two [...]
About twenty notes published by the newspaper El Monitor de Sinaloa in 1908. And recently [...]
Every project that is recognized as great has its history, and the Country Club of Culiacán is [...]
La Lomita Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Culiacán, Sinaloa, México. No one knows when the [...]
Sinaloa, beautifully inclined from the mountains to the sea, is crossed by eleven rivers to which [...]
I am much honored to have been chosen to share some of the stories of which I have witnessed. [...]
La Primavera, or The Spring (season)in English, is a satellite city of the city of Culiacan, [...]
Sinaloa Symphonic Orchestra of the Arts is the most complex musical instrument of all... it is [...]
Navistar's International® brand celebrates 20 years in the Mexican market and is celebrating [...]
Gilberto Ceceña Nuño is one of the communicators with more presence in Sinaloa. Its most known [...]
The corridors of the hospital may seem like endless kilometers for a child that hurts for every [...]
It all started with leukaemia, a cancer that for a child is like a flu and for parents fear to [...]
The Culiacan International Marathon, which this year attracted about 3 thousand 500 national and [...]
Museo Interactivo sobre las Adicciones (MIA, “Museum of Addictions”) is an alternative that [...]
El Dorado is a town located at the center of Culiacan, exactly at San Lorenzo Valley. It connects [...]
Universidad de Occidente is the second institute with the largest educational coverage at [...]
Imala is a rural community located at a Town that bears the same name, which belongs to Culiacan. [...]
The tower was completed until 2013, and it has become an icon in the city thanks to its superior [...]
Located in the city center, at the crossroads of Angel Flores and Donato Guerra, the Parroquia [...]
The Templo de Santa Ines began its construction in October 1992. Then, it’s delivered in [...]
In a city, so big and always been at the forefront, could not be missing the infinity of places [...]
The idea of making a temple in honor of the Virgen Carmen started to revolve in Barraza’s mind [...]
Founded as the Museum of Culiacan; inaugurated on December 14th, 1958. The Regional Museum of [...]
One of the busiest and most beautiful avenues in Culiacán is the avenue Alvaro Obregón, [...]
Located in Culiacán, Sinaloa, the Botanical Garden of Culiacan is one of the most important in [...]
The building that harbors the Sinaloa Art Museum was built in 1837 and in its first years was a [...]
During de celebration of the State Day of Philanthropy that is organized by the Board of Private [...]
This photograph corresponds to Hambreton (Hungerthon in English) 2015, annual fundraising event [...]
The New baseball stadium of los Tomateros de Culiacán is located at the Jesus Andrade Avenue, it [...]
“Las Riberas” park is located at the Tamazula river bank, next to Culiacan center and in [...]
According to information from “Organismo de Cuenca Pacífico Norte de la Comisión Nacional del [...]
Its structure is composed of three naves covered by a metallic surface; with in the facade of the [...]
The magic of Virtual Tours allows us to take a tour of Fifth Avenue in New York outside the [...]