Nemocon Salt Mine in Cundinamarca, Colombia.

Miguel Angel Victoria Fotógrafo

Nemocon Salt Mine with more than 500 years of history is an imposing tourist attraction at 80 mts of depth.
Since 1801 man began to extract salt on a large scale with the traditional system of chambers and pillars.
Descending through mining tunnels that support the mountain, is where the visitor will begin their tour of this amazing construction.
That will take them to the chamber of natural mirrors of brine, salt crystals with lights, walls produce a magic effect of natural brine mirror.

Nemocon Salt Mine History

Dance and events hall where concerts, painting exhibits, conferences and receptions are held.
The salt waterfall with more than 80 years of antiquity and the spring or well of the wishes where with the faith of the miner all are fulfilled.

Virgin of Carmen is in the chapel chamber with its enormous sphere carved in salt rock of 1300 kilos.
It shows its protective mantle extended on the world.

People can visit the image of the Fallen Lord In this underground chapel.
In one of the most painful stages of the Way of the Cross.
In a saline figure that reflects all the passion and torments experienced between the last supper and his crucifixion.
And especially on the route to Mount Calvary that will surely make him live and renew his faith, in a mystical and awe-inspiring part of the route.
It revives the mining tradition and pays tribute to the miners of Nemocon.
Marriage vows are renewed, thanksgiving from miners, drivers, police and devotees of the Virgen del Carmen.
In the chamber of the palpitate or of the lovers you will be amazed by the salt crystal (Halita) of 1,600 kilos, only one in the world.
Carved in a heart-shape by the miner Miguel Sánchez in the sixties, a true treasure where you can get the best images.
In the salt mine, the heart of Nemocon begins to beat from the earth to the world.
Know chamber of stalactites and stalagmites.
These grow from one to three centimeters per year leaving spectacular formations such as ferns, lamps, roots and snowflakes.
The San Juan pit, which for its density, crystallinity and salinity is known as the replica of the Dead Sea.
In “Chuy” Chamber, we pay tribute to the miner Mr. Jose Maximiliano Chuy Lopez.
For his great achievement of carrying and taking from Nemocon to Bogota an immense salt rock of more than 13 arrobas…

Virtual Reality (VR)

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Nemocon Salt Mine

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The Santa Bárbara tank

The Santa Bárbara tank is the world’s largest underground brine, 15 meters long by 6 meters wide and 5 meters deep.

The best underground walk imaginable, with medicinal and therapeutic properties…
A true feast for the senses and the spirit.
The sense of the Salt Mine of Nemocón is cultural, historic, scientific, thematic, mining and touristy.
Likewise and as part of this tour, there have been scenarios incorporated in homage to three unforgettable characters.
That made part of the history of the Salt Minw of Nemocón.
And that are part of the new attractions of The Mine for its visitors through the culture and entertainment that it transmits to the visitor.
At first, the history of the ancient inhabitants of the region – the Muiscas – and his Cacique Nemequene, an excellent military strategist.
With impressive achievements in his short life, which gave rise to the Legend of the tree of dreams a history.
With more than 400 years of oral tradition, which explains why the natives decided to hide their treasures to hide them from the invaders.
The visitor will be fascinated to know the traces and importance of the passage of the great German scholar Alexander von Humboldt by this area.
Where the great explorer of the Americas, applied engineering for the improvement and industrialization of the salt exploitation.
And scrutinize what is behind the ingenious mind of who made the designs of the Mine that date back to 1801.

Little Planet

Nemocon Salt Mine
Nemocon Salt Mine

The Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History of the Savannah is located in the old facility of the metalworking workshops built at the end of the nineteenth century.

Today, this place is transformed into a place where you can see the evolution of the sea.
That originally existed in this region until reaching the main salt area of the country.
And fascinate with the animals that inhabited it before man took his first steps on the surface of the planet.
In the midst of these stories and curious data you will feel giant steps: Mastodons, Megateria, Plesiosaurios, Icthysaurios.
And geological evolution through Ammonites; Rocks and fossils as a certain evidence of the evolution in the area.
On a journey through the prehistory of the Savannah to our most recent ancestors: the Muiscas.
The Nemocón Salt Mine, an underground village 80 meters deep in an immense salt dome, with formations and unique natural attractions in the world…
Nemocon, Cundinamarca is beautiful inside and out… Magic town of Colombia!
Know the muiscas traces in the archaeological trail.
An area that has been a faithful witness of the exploitation of the open salt by the natives.
Salt was the source of its great wealth.
Enjoy the charm of the Savannah, from the viewpoint of Nemocon.

Routes to the Nemocon Salt Mine

Nemocon is a beautiful town located only 65 kilometers north of Bogota in province of Sabana Centro, Cubinamarca Department.
Route 1. Bogota, Autopista Norte, La Caro, Puente del Común, Variante Cajica.
And before entering Zipaquirá, take the bridge via Ubaté, at the intersection La Paz turn right
Route 2. Bogotá, North freeway via Briceño, Jaime Duque Park turn left via Zipaquirá Ubaté, cross La Paz to the right direct to Nemocon.
Nemocon, Cundinamarca, land of sand and culture, beautiful inside and out… Magic town of Colombia!

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