Punta Esmeralda in the bay of Altata

Miguel Angel Victoria Fotógrafo

Punta Esmeralda is a project located in the bay of Altata, Sinaloa next to the Marina and in front of the beach in an area of 30,000 square meters consisting for 207 homes between houses and apartments as well as a beach club with pool and amenities to enjoy in family.

Developed by Impulsa real estate and the Family Clouthier Carrillo who have wanted to offer a cozy project.

Developed by Impulsa real estate and the Family Clouthier Carrillo who have wanted to offer a cozy project, with a design that allows contact with nature to learn to love, respect and enjoy it. Altata has been a familiy holiday destination by excellence. It is at 65 kilometers from the capital of Culiacan and can be reached by a four lane road in just 40 minutes. This beautiful bay of Altata, we have the opportunity to coexist, to make community, to enjoy friends and to carry out aquatic activities like fishing, throw the net (tarraya), row in canoe, kayak or paddle board, sail, ride a boat, collect clams and eat delicious fresh seafood.

And just a few kilometers, you can enjoy the sand dunes, and the high waves of the open sea of the Tambor.

And just a few kilometers, you can enjoy the sand dunes, and the high waves of the open sea of the Tambor.
For the Clouthier Carrillo family, Altata represents a special place because they lived there since they were children and today they want to enjoy it with their children and with the Sinaloa community offering a holiday destination, of weekend trips and considering that it is undoubtedly a patrimonial investment that generates surplus value of life.
    Text: Lorena Clouthier de Félix
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Punta Esmeralda, new Altata, Sinaloa
Punta Esmeralda, new Altata, Sinaloa

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How this virtual tour was made

The equipment used to make this virtual tour is the following:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter
  • Phantom 3 4K Camera
  • 3 - Axis Gimbal
  • Nikon D800 Camera
  • Sigma 8 mm fisheye lens
  • Nodal Ninja Ball Joint NN4
  • Manfrotto Tripod 190
  • Remote trigger

The processing software of this image was:

  • Lightroom to process RAW files
  • PTGui to perform the stitching of the image
  • Photoshop for general and local adjustments
  • PanoTour Pro for the virtual tour generation
One of my favorite places to go on a trip with my family is the Altata bay, where we have been able to enjoy beautiful landscapes and sunsets that have a special charm for the colors of the sky especially in the golden hour and in the blue hour. It is in this place where we have also had the opportunity to coincide with our friends
and family for many years and I hope to continue enjoying it.
The virtual tours elaborated with spherical photography with drone have to be complemented with a spherical photograph realized in ground. With the drone the image of the Nadir is made, 8 images at -45 degrees, 8 more at 0 degrees and 8 at 45 degrees and on land is elaborated with a Nodal Ninja rod of 3 meters, the photograph of Cenit. In short, there are 26 photographs in 3-step bracketing giving a total of 78 images, which are revealed in Lightroom and in PTGui is the fusion of exhibitions. The result is very beautiful.

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